Trafag offers a wide range of original accessories which are ideally matched to our products. They include devices
for monitoring or configuring transmitters such as hand pumps with precision pressure gauge or the
Sensor Communicator, a handheld device which provides direct access to the calibration values of the transmitter
in the Trafag ASIC. Trafag also offers a wide range of accessories which can be adapted to meet specific
application requirements and also make installation easier. They include diagnostic valve manifolds, snubbers
and pressure peak damping elements for measuring pressure or protective pipes for thermostats.


Accessories for pressure measurement instruments

  • Sensor Communicator
  • CAN2USB Interface Tool
  • Diagnostic valve block
  • Hand pump with precision manometer
  • Zenerbarrier
  • Venting box
  • Cable hanger
  • Pressure peak damping element
  • Snubber
  • Adapter for different pressure connections
  • Stop valves

Accessories for thermostats

  • Protection tubes for direct mounting and remote sensors
  • Duct mounting bracket
  • Capillary tube holder
  • Mounting brackets
  • Screwed cable glands, ship approved, for retrofit