F/F...R 990/991/992/993 – Froststat

The Froststat was specifically designed as single stage temperature controller for monitoring temperature around 0°C, i. e. to prevent ice build-up on air heaters.


  • Rugged aluminium housing
  • Short response time
  • Protection IP54
  • Electrical connection on terminal screw
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Technical Data


HVAC, Refrigeration



Dielectric strength

2 kV terminal ground

Approval / conformity

EN 60730-1/ EN 60730-2-9: Typ 2.B.H

Media temperature

Sensor temperature max.: 140°C
Sensor response length : ~ 30 cm

Ambient temperature

Max. operating temperature: +70°C
Min. operating temperature: switch point + 2°C


IP 54

Output signal

Floating change-over contact

Measuring range

-5°C ... +15°C