2015 Trafag España S.L., ES is founded
2014 Trafag Japan Co., Ltd. is founded
2014 Trafag Inc., US is founded
2013 Market launch of the second Trafag ASIC TX
2012 Introducing the flush membrane sensor with thin-film-on-steel technology
2011 Trafag AG moves in the newly built company premises in Bubikon (Switzerland)
2010 Market launch of the Hybrid Gas Density Monitor
2008 Trafag Controls (India) Ltd. is founded as production site and sales office for the Indian market
2006 Market introduction of the first Trafag ASIC TR5
2001 Trafag Spol.s.r.o. in Tachov (Czech Republic) is founded as production site for mechanical devices
2000 Trafag AG moves to a larger building with more space in Maennedorf (Switzerland)
1999 Production of the first Trafag thick-film-on-ceramic sensors
1997 Trafag GmbH in Germany is founded
1996 Trafag (UK) Ltd. in Great Britain and Trafag Italia S.p.A. in Italy are founded
1996 Trafag AG builds with GfS Gesellschaft für Sensorik GmbH in Villingen-Schwenningen a first production site for coating of sensors in thin and thick film technology
1995 Trafag Sarl in France is founded
1994 Introduction of the first electronic gas density sensor. Start of Poltraf Sp.z.o.o., a Joint-Venture, in Poland
1990 Robert Pfrunder is nominated CEO
1984 Production of the first Trafag thin-film-on-steel sensors
1978 Oscar Pfrunder dies. Gaston Bloch becomes new president
1978 Development of the first generation of gas density monitors
1977 Development of pressure and temperature transmitters with procured sensing elements
1974 The production of transformers ends
1972 Development of electromechanical pressure switches / pressostats
1971 Trafag Austria in Vienna is founded
1969 First ship approval for a thermostat
1962 Development a highly robust industrial thermostat
1956 Developement of the first boiler thermostat
1944 The production of transformers is moved to Maennedorf (Switzerland)
1942 Oscar Pfrunder and his company Pfrunderlicht acquire a company in La Neuveville which is manufacturing transformers