Submersible Pressure Transmitter ECL 8439

A reliable and economic solution for many applications — also in thick and viscous media. Different material options for...
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Trafag AG ranked 3rd for "Prix SVC 2016"

The Prix SVC is awarded to innovative companies with exceptional and sustainable performance and success. ...
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Trafags Miniature pressure switch with 19 mm wrench size, NAT 8252 and NAH 8254: Durable, compact, reliable for numerous applications

Miniature pressure transmitter NAE 8256

The new miniature pressure transmitter NAE 8256 is a unique solution on the basis of HEX19 combined with ship approvals...
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Miniature Hydraulics Pressure Transmitter NAH 8254

The compact Miniature Pressure Transmitter NAH 8254 is the ideal choice for precise pressure monitoring in countless...
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Intrinsically safe Ex Pressure Transmitter EXNT 8292

The Ex Pressure Transmitter EXNT 8292 was developed for relative pressure measurement in explosion endangered areas such as...
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New SF6 Gas Density Monitor 87x7

High accuracy, unparalleled reliability and excellent vibration and shock resistance are the key features of the new SF6 Gas...
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Submersible Transmitter ECL 8438

Due to its excellent price performance ratio and outstanding chemical resistance the new Submersible Transmitter ECL 8438 is...
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Industrial Pressure Transmitter NAT 8252

The new Miniature Industrial Pressure Transmitter NAT 8252 is a durable, compact and reliable solution which is designed for...
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